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The UVI Royal Guard Chess Club on the Albert A. Sheen campus hosted a campus tournament on April 15-16, 2023. There were a total of six talented participants, Cameron Brooks, Kai Figaro, Shane Monchery, Aaliah Saret, Matthias Sinanan, and Adonai Smith. After a total of four hard-fought rounds, Adonai Smith claimed the title of Campus Champion. The other winners were:


3rd Place:  Shane Monchery

2nd Place:  Aaliah Saret

1st Place: Adonai Smith 2023 Campus Champion


Prizes included chess books and memberships in the US Chess Federation. 

UVI_tournament 2.jpg

A video and some photos from our "Just for Fun Simultaneous Tournament" at Tullies on April 22nd.

Tullies_Simul 2.jpg
Tullies_Simul 3.jpg
Tullies_Simul 4.jpg
Tullies Simul_1.jpg

The first USVICA “international” online tournament took place with a chess club in Scotland. The VI team proudly won 7 ½ to 2 ½ points! Future online tournaments are being set up with Belgium. Denmark, Germany, and Nigeria. Stay tuned for updates or to join.

This beautiful book was written by Sinclair Wilkenson, USVICA vice-president,  chess coach, and Olympic team player

Over the years, I realize that much work is required to provide simple and basic chess information to all who were interested. I also saw the need for chess teachers and players to introduce and expose chess to our students and our adult population. Further, I felt that someone in our islands had to initiate the move and present this “game of life” to everyone. It is this emotion and spirit that has motivated me to write this book. The book is divided into differentsections.An effort is made in the first few chapters to describe the game of chess, explain how to position the board, examine the history of each piece, demonstrate the movement of each piece, and provide some practical scenarios and question for each reader. In the second half, a more in-depth analysis of the game is presented. I focused on terms and meanings, information about world chess leaders, pins and forks, stalemates, how to force draws, and scenarios showing how to checkmate an opponent in one or two moves. I hope that the information presented would benefit chess enthusiasts.

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