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USVI Chess Association

Empowering Chess Players Young and Old


The USVI Chess Association will be on pause for the foreseeable future. During the past two years, as many of you can affirm, our Association has transformed the sport of chess from a virtual vacuum to a large, thriving, active community that expands across the territory. The Association supports scholastic programs in many public and private schools. We have formed numerous clubs, all of which have more than 10 adult members plus student members and the Association has hosted numerous rated tournaments in both St. Croix and St. Thomas. Members of the USVI Chess Association have fought diligently to expose debilitating flaws within the only chess organization recognized by both the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee (VIOC) and the International Chess Federation (FIDE), namely the USVI Chess Federation (USVICF).

Last November, the USVI Chess Federation Board of Administration stopped us from having our annual STX open tournament at the RT Park and made it clear that we would never again have their permission to conduct US Chess (USCF) rated tournaments in the territory. This was a huge upset so in hope of having a voice or vote regarding VI chess governance, St. Croix chess players formed four clubs and presented them for acceptance to the USVI Chess Federation Board of Administration. When the clubs were denied acceptance without explanation, it became quite clear that maintaining absolute control without checks and balances and with only Board-orchestrated activities was the main priority of the USVI Chess Federation Board of Administration.

On the advice of counsel, several VI chess players subsequently joined the St. Croix Chess Club, the single club recognized by the USVI Chess Federation. After repeated unanswered questions and unsuccessful attempts to connect and reach an agreement with the USVI Chess Federation Board of Administration (see Document 1), the majority of federation members followed the federation Constitution and filed a Notice of Misconduct (see Document 2) then conducted a special election of Interim Officers (see Documents 3 & 4). 42 VI Chess players voted the current Board of Administration out, voted in the Interim Officers  and on March 17, 2024, at the USVICF Annual Meeting, voted in the following Officers:

President:                                                     Sinclair Wilkinson

Vice-President for STX:                               Okemo Hodge

Vice-President for STT:                                Brandon Rhymer

Treasurer:                                                     William Van Rensselaer

Secretary:                                                     Anne Kershaw

FIDE Delegate:                                            Gail Widmer


We have asked the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee (VIOC) to recognize our new leadership and the VIOC has refused, without explanation. We have therefore enlisted the assistance of Senator Carla Joseph. Until this is settled, we will not be collecting dues. However, we will gratefully accept donations to help offset the expense of this ongoing struggle for fair and equitable governance of chess in the Virgin Islands. Remember we are a nonprofit, so your donations are tax deductible.

Over 500 Virgin Islanders and chess players worldwide have signed our petition ( support of our efforts to restore integrity to Virgin Islands chess. Especially for the sake of our young VI chess players who deserve every opportunity possible, we will not give up!

We thank you all so very much!

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Tullies Tacticians Chess Club, every Saturday from 10:00 AM to noon in the Sunny Isle Food Court

Wandering Dragons Chess Club, every Saturday from 10:00 AM to noon in the Sunny Isle Food Court and every Saturday afternoon, noon to 4:00PM at either Ziggy's Island Market or The Sausage Shack

Quixotic Queens Chess Club, every Saturday from 10:00 AM to noon in the Sunny Isle Food Court and every Thursday 10:00AM to noon at Bungalows on the Bay

Nubian Chess Warriors, every Saturday from 10:00 AM to noon in the Sunny Isle Food Court and every Sunday evening 6:00PM until at Serenity Nest

SCHOLASTIC CHESS CLUBS are now set up at St. Croix Central High School, The St. Croix Ed Complex, Good Hope Country Day School, and at both campuses of UVI. St. Thomas has, as always, many scholastic programs in their schools headed and coached by Sinclair Wilkinson and Brandon Rhymer. Watch the video (scroll down until you reach the video) of STX students in action! 

Many huge thanks to the following people for their very generous donations: Jon Crumiller, Lon Newman, Anne Kershaw, and Patrice Claxton, a former St. Croix Central High School student who participated in the World Chess Olympiad in 2004 in Majorca.

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